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4' Pit Bike Ramp

Ramp Plans

US & Metric Measurements

4' Pit Bike Ramp Plans 4 ft foot Mini Metal PitBike Ramp Plans Destruction Ramps

Set of 2 ramp plans, 4' metal and 4' wood ramp plans. Can be used with Pit Bike 50cc-125cc, BMX or MTB. Take-off is short and steep for a good pop, but not so steep its like hitting a wall. These plan sets are in both US feet/inches and metric measurements, detailed CAD designed scale drawing, full measurements, angles, instructions to make ramp angle/radius, "cut-bend-weld" (metal) rail measurements, materials and cut list for every piece on the ramps. Everything you need to know to build these ramps. What you get: PDF US & Metric 4' Metal Ramp Plans 19 page. PDF: US & Metric 4' Wood Ramp Plans 33 page. Plans are e-mailed ASAP (within 24hrs. of order)

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