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8m & 9.1m Radius Ramp Plans

FMX Ramp Plans

8m US & Metric Measurements, 9.1m Metric Only

FMX Ramp Plans 8m Euro & 9.1m Aussie Freestyle Motocross MX Destruction Ramps

What You Get: Metal FMX 8m Radius Ramp Plans US & metric | Metal 9.1 Meter Aussie/EU consistent radius FMX ramps plans metric only | Dirt FMX landing plans

Distance: These are designed for gaps of 22.86m / 75'.

Use: Designed for 450F, 250F, 250 & 125 two strokes

Delivery Method: Plans are emailed in a PDF file(s) manually to you when I get notification (within 24 hours)

What's In The Plans: Detailed CAD designed scale drawing, full measurements, angles, instructions to make ramp angle/radius, "cut-bend-weld" (metal) method as well as radius instructions for having the rails bend, materials, images for every piece to cut on ramps, roll-in attachments and dirt landing plans for ramps

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