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9'10'' Freestyle Sled Ramp

Snowmobile Ramp Plans

US & Metric Measurements

SCS Freestyle Snowmobile Jump Ramp Plans Super Kicker 9' 10''

These are plans for a SCS style freestyle super kicker metal/wood 9' 10'' 3m tall sled ramp that are used in event comps. These plans are in metric and US measurements, are very detailed CAD designed scale drawing, full measurements, angles, instructions to make ramp angle/radius, "cut-bend-weld" (metal) rail measurements, materials and cut list for every piece on the ramps. Everything you need to know to build these ramps. What you get: PDF Metric 9'10'' Super Kicker Ramp Plans 22 page. PDF: US 9'10'' Super Kicker Ramp Plans 22 page. Plans are e-mailed ASAP (within 24hrs. of order)

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