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4'' x 2'' FMX Grind Rail & Ramp Plans

Rail, Ramp and Box

FMX Rail Grind Pegs Plans Dirt Bike Moto MX Motocross Destruction Ramps KYD

Grind Rail Plans: 4'' x 2'' flat rail with a slight angle specifically designed for the weight distribution of dirt bike and rider to be able to balance over the rail, along with a rainbow rail entry to avoid hanging up the rear peg on upright at the start

Rail Ramp Plans: is also specifically designed for this rail and these pegs, they all work together. Designed to jump onto the rail or with extension ride onto the rail. It is actually a teaching tool and as you get more comfortable you hit it faster and naturally start jumping.

Plans are CAD designed scale drawing along with photographic diagrams. Sent via email in PDF within 24hr.

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