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FMX Grind Peg Set V1

Universal (Japanese Bikes)

Production Pegs Version 1

Buy, bolt on, and grind. These left side pegs will fit any Japanese make, model and year, 125t, 250t, 250f or 450f, 52t sprocket and 280mm rotor (all sizes).

How it works: watch video Inner peg replaces your axle nuts, outer peg sides over inner and bolts onto it. Outer peg has the down guards to protect your chain/sprocket and rotor. There is also a separate front brake caliper guard that protects the caliper (gets wired to the front peg), it mounts to lower fork/caliper hole and comes with a replacement allen bolt, included with front peg. Handmade in the USA.


16mm w caliper guard front axle threads: Honda

18mm w caliper guard front axle threads: Most bikes

20mm rear axle threads: 99'-23' YZ125/250 two stroke

22mm rear axle threads: Most 4 strokes

(Check your axle threads to make sure before ordering)

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