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How to Build Perfect Dirt Jumps

eBook PDF

Freeride FMX

This ebook PDF will show you how to make correctly built shovel MX jumps and natural terrain freeride jumps. We go step by step through how to build takeoffs, watering, packing, radius, angles and landings. We go through all the types of jumps and whats good and bad about each one. I show you how to use a technique I have developed for using old carpet on jumps called "Five Tricks to Using Carpet on Takeoffs". We cover step by step what to look for in searching out freeride jumps,

do's and don'ts, all the different kinds of takeoffs, how to build them. How to make a mobile freeride jump watering system. We cover tools, techniques, rock jumps, specialty rock clearing tool, and places you wouldn't have thought to freeride build jumps. We also cover a technique for building a shovel takeoff and landing on level ground the most efficient way with the least effort and time possible!

24 Page eBook, US & metric measurements  is sent in a PDF file through e-mail within 24hrs.

The ebook is viewable on any PC, Tablet, Mac, iPhone or Android device with a PDF reader

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