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Thank you for your order

Please read all below


How do I get my plans?

I will be emailing you the plans in a PDF file normally within 1 hour (as soon as I see the payment), but could take up to 12 hours.

Is your email correct?

If the email used for payment is old or not valid you will not get the plans. Make sure your email address is correct. You can message me at

Check junk mail folder

If its been over 12 hours and you still don't see the email with plans check your junk mail folder, it probably went there do to the attached PDF file(s). Or its possible I missed the your payment notification. email me at

Password protection

The plans are password protected. The password is included in the email (below), just check for it before emailing me asking "Where is the password?". If you are having a problem opening the plans/password try to copy and paste the password in. If still having problems email me at

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