dFMXR makes metal & wood FMX ramp plans as well as building ramps. Destruction Ramps was started in 2008 in Temecula, California as an alternative to high priced steel Freestyle Moto-X ramps. We are dedicated to making the highest quality 3D CAD FMX ramp plans (both metal & wood) as well as building wood FMX ramps that ride the same as steel ramps only cost thousands of dollars less.

dFMXR makes and sells standard 8' FMX ramps & plans as well as we are the ONLY place that offers FMX ramps under 8' tall. We have 9', 8', 6' and 4'3'' tall FMX ramps (and 9.1m Aussie Ramp Plans). The smaller ramps are great for properties that are limited on space and require smaller landings, also good for those new to ramps. We also are the ONLY place to offer full plans for 9' FMX Super Kicker Ramps and ONLY place to offer Snowmobile Ramp Plans (new Super Kicker style and smaller 7' ramp).

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Rider: Nik Pratt   |  8'4'' Comp Ramp

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dFMXR 8' FMX ramp, rider Nik Pratt
Photos: Dom Ricci
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Dirt Jump Angle Templates
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Custom Ramp Designs
We offers custom ramp design services from huge stunt ramps to FMX, snowmobile, SuperMoto, BMX or mountain bike ramps, boxes or obstacles of any sort.

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FMX Quater Pipe Ramp
5'5'' Mid-Size FMX Ramp